89Bits and Movistar TV to improve F1 experience


89Bits and Movistar TV to improve F1 experience

We are proud to announce that 89Bits, a Wayra accelerated company, has reached an agreement with Movistar TV set to revolutionize second screen entertainment. Both companies reach an agreement to provide 2nd screen services to Movistar TV F1 broadcasts in Spain.

Movistar TV is a Telefonica TV platform with the rights to broadcast F1 races in 2014 in Spain. Movistar TV offers an innovative way to enjoy F1 races with 6 signals to be selected by each viewer with no advertisements.

The two companies have teamed up to provide a mobile application that enables F1 fans to manage their own F1 teams and compete in real time against real drivers and teams. Users are able to customize driving strategies and make strategic decisions for their teams throughout the race in order to improve their ranking. This application provides F1 fans with the opportunity to put their F1 knowledge to the test against the pros.

Wayra also announce the deal here

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